My Name is Cracrocrates

My online persona is Cracrocrates, pronounced (krak-rŏk-rə-tēz), or more simply Crac.

I'm a history and politics buff.

I've posted on the internet in only one other forum, http://breakfornews.com/forum/ .
My posts on BreakForNews have varied from relatively inciteful to relatively ridiculous, depending on the topic.

Generally, my views tend not to be conventional ones.

However, my views are subject to change if new evidence suggests a different paradigm.
I try to challenge my beliefs, as my next post should definitely show.

How unconventional are my views?

At the moment, subject to change:

1) I am a Deist who strongly frowns on organized religion. Many of America's Founding Fathers were Deists. I am generally skeptical of theories that depend on millions or billions of years to explain The Beginning of Life or the Universe. I do not think anyone yet has a strong - scientific or otherwise - explanation for intelligent life or Creation.

2) I agree with Peter Duesberg (UC-Berkeley professor and National Academy of Sciences member) and Kary Mullis (who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry) that HIV is a harmless passenger virus that does not cause AIDS.

3) I am skeptical of global warming because of Bjorn Lomborg's book The Skeptical Environmentalist . Independent scientist Gary Novak offers additional reasons to doubt the theory of man-made global warming.

4) I am a fan of the research of Anatoly Fomenko, a Russian mathematician turned chronologist who provides evidence that not only did the Dark Ages not exist, but possibly that all evidence of "ancient" history was misdated or fabricated.

More than 50 of my 200+ posts in the BFN forum are in the History or Science Fomenko thread. My best posts are probably on pages 5 thru 9, and more than a third of the posts in the thread from page 5 to page 13 are mine. Incidentally, the first two (of seven) books by Fomenko in the History: Fiction or Science series can be read in their entirety online at Google Books .

One interesting thread I started recently is about mainstream Irish author Kevin Cahill's book Who Owns the World , which is about global land ownership.

I am currently reading two books by grand strategist and Naval War College professor Thomas P.M. Barnett, The Pentagon's New Map and Blueprint For Action .

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